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Export AOL Mail contacts to CSV file

Export AOL contacts to CSV file AOL Mail lets you easily export your entire address book as a downloadable text file, using one of three formats: CSV ("comma-separated values") is the most compatible with other webmail providers and just about every desktop email program on the planet! "TXT", as AOL calls that option, is basically a file with tab-separated values. Finally, you can also export your contacts to LDIF, the address book format commonly used by mail apps created by Mozilla (the same people who make the Firefox web browser). We'll show you how to double-check the content of the exported file (whose integrity is especially important if you are exporting your contacts for backup purposes!)

Quick Steps to export your AOL Mail contacts to CSV:

  1. 1 Go to mail.aol.com and login to your AOL email account.
  2. 2 Click on Contacts in the left pane (right below the Trash folder).
  3. 3 Click on the Tools button near the top and select "Export".
  4. 4 Keep "CSV" selected or pick another export format.
  5. 5 Click on the Export button and pick a download folder.

Download an AOL address book to your computer

Access AOL Mail contacts Once logged into your AOL email account, click on the Contacts button in the folder pane on the left: it's located between the Trash and the Calendar button).

On the next page, click on the Tools button at the top, and choose "Export" from the dropdown menu. A popup will appear in the middle of the screen, allowing to choose between one of three formats. Here's the breakdown; in doubt, keep the default option: Options for downloading your contact file

File format options

Note: unless you have a specific reason for choosing one of the other two formats, we recommend that you stick to CSV: it is nearly universally supported, especially for email address books.

Save and double-check your AOL contacts

Save your address book on your hard drive When the download / save-as dialog opens in your web browser, pick an easy-to-find destination folder to save the file (like your desktop). To double-check that everything went smoothly, double-click on the file you just exported to preview its content. Depending on the file format you picked, and the programs installed on your computer, the file will either open in a spreadsheet application, or a plain-text editor. If it doesn't, your operating system will ask you how it should open that particular type of file: pick a plain-text editor, which is guaranteed to be installed on your computer. Here's what my AOL contacts look like when exported as CSV: Preview AOL contacts exported as CSV

Tip: if your goal was to add this address book to another webmail service, here are the quick links:
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