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Export Yahoo Mail contacts to CSV file / LDIF / vCard

Export Yahoo contacts to CSV file or vCard You can import and export contacts from your Yahoo address book: multiple formats are supported, and the entire operation takes under a minute, which makes it feasible to do regularly if you're working between incompatible systems. Yahoo even lets you keep your contacts synchronized between devices and computers, which we'll cover in a later tutorial. Yahoo Mail lets you save your exported contacts into one of three file formats: comma-separated values (CSV), LDIF address books (for Mozilla email programs), and VCF files (aka "vCards", or "digital business cards"). The format you pick, and which option for each of them, depends on what you plan on doing with the file. (Quick Tip: if you want to backup your contacts, pick the "Yahoo CSV" option!)

Quick Steps to export your Yahoo contacts to file:

  1. 1 Login to your Yahoo Mail account, and go to your address book.
  2. 2 Click on the Actions menu and choose "Export".
  3. 3 Pick a file format: CSV, LDIF (Thunderbird), or vCard.
  4. 4 Click "Export Now" and save the file.
  5. 5 Store the file for backup, or use it to import your contacts elsewhere.

Download your Yahoo contacts to your computer

Access your Yahoo Mail contacts (address book) First, log into your Yahoo email account in a web browser: then, click on the address book icon near the top left corner of the page. From your Contacts page, click on the Actions menu and choose "Export" from the dropdown.

A popup dialog will open: "Choose the format you would like to export your contacts in. All contacts except your Facebook contacts will be exported". Yahoo offers five choices to export your contacts - the breakdown follows...

Export format options

Save your contact file

Once you've chosen a format, click on the blue Export Now button: you'll see the "Your download will start in 5 seconds. If it doesn't please click here" confirmation message. Clicking the links just relaunches the same download, so wait a bit before clicking it: depending on the number of users currently on Yahoo Mail, the size of your address book (number of entries), and the speed of your internet connection, it may take a bit longer than 5 seconds (but definitely less than 30!) When prompted to, save the file in an easy-to-find folder on your computer (like your desktop) - and you are done: Export and download your contact file!

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